Allied against the second wave

The Native Alliance of Québec Inc. is happy to announce the nomination of Janie Dubois to the position of Provincial Coordinator under the COVID-19 project.

Under her responsibility, Regional Coordinators will act as intermediates between the communities and the head office. The Regional Coordinators are:

Region 02 – Marthe Drolet
Region 03 – Sherbrooke Community

The Coordinators for Region 01, 04 and 05 are yet to be determined.

For more information concerning the COVID-19 project, please address your concerns to your Regional Coordinators.

If you wish to reach Marthe Drolet, Regional Coordinator – Region 02


If you wish to reach the Sherbrooke Community, Regional Coordinator – Region 03


What is the COVID-19 project?

The exceptional situation that we have been living since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) may be causing distress to many people. Information which was prepared for the members of the Native Alliance of Québec Inc., aims to provide you with useful tools to cope with the impacts of the pandemic. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or support if you need it, because your health, safety and wellbeing are important to us.

This project was made possible with financial assistance from the Federal Government via the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.


COVID-19 Leaflet
COVID-19 Leaflet

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