The NAQ has a rigorous member accreditation policy that requires prospective members to provide genealogical documentation attesting to their Aboriginal ancestry. To learn more about how best to trace your ancestors, go to the Genealogy Section.

Who can become a member?

NAQ membership is open to all status and non-status Aboriginals who live off-reserve in Québec and meet the following criteria:

  • Are of Aboriginal ancestry (identity);
  • Identify as such (pride); and
  • Are accepted by the community (membership).

Documents needed to complete your membership application:

How to become a member?

To become a member of the Native Alliance of Québec Inc., you must communicate with the community that is the closest to your residence. Go to the Communities tab, find the one that is closest to your residence and communicate with them to complete your application. You can also prepare all the documents pertaining to your application before you communicate with the community.

Once all your documents have been compiled, communicate with your community and she will proceed with your application. Once received at the head office we will process your file as soon as possible.

NAQ Membership Benefits

Pride in belonging

An NAQ membership card primarily shows pride in belonging. Let’s be proud of who we are!

Important:  You are required to pay income tax and all consumption taxes. Hunters and fishers are required to obtain a hunting or fishing licence.

Only status Indians who are registered with the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development and whose principal residence is on a reserve are entitled to certain income tax and consumption tax exemptions. For more information, please contact Revenue Québec or the Canada Revenue Agency.

Services and Scholarships

An NAQ membership card also provides official proof when you apply for various services available to Aboriginals living off-reserve in Québec.

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada offers additional scholarships administered by the federal government. As well, private companies, non-profit organizations, universities and colleges also offer scholarships in several fields.

Equal Access Employment Program

The Equal Access Employment Program is for women, visible minority members, ethnic minority members and Aboriginals. Its purpose is to increase the representation of each target group concerned in the workforce and to correct practices in employment systems.

No official document is required to prove that you are an Aboriginal. A verification request will be submitted to the NAQ to confirm membership in a recognized group for public service jobs. The NAQ is an affiliate of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP), a national indigenous organization recognized by the Government of Canada.

Legal Services

Courtworkers assist Aboriginals involved in the criminal justice system. This service is offered for both adult and youth courts.

Courtworkers inform and assist Aboriginal clients to ensure they obtain fair and equitable treatment.

For more information, go to the Partners section at the bottom of the page and click on Service Parajudiciaire Autochtone du Québec.



L'emploi des Autochtones

Various grant programs promote labour market entry.

Available programs:

  • Job creation partnerships;
  • Youth work placements;
  • Disability programs; and
  • Summer jobs.

The NAQ maintains a database of Aboriginal job candidates. To add your résumé to the database, submit it to:

Residential Adaptation Program

Home Adaptation for Senior's Independence Program

Low-income individuals who are 65 years of age or older and who need to make minor adaptations to their house or apartment in order to continue to live there safely and independently are eligible for this financial assistance program.

For more information, please visit the Corporation Waskahegen’s website:

Affordable housing for Native Alliance of Québec Inc. members

Native Alliance of Québec Inc. members are eligible for affordable housing. For more information, visit the Corporation Waskahegen / Habitat Métis du Nord’s website.


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