Gatineau, July 8, 2020

News release to all Directors, Chiefs of Community, to the people responsible for the Membership in the community and to the Members.

Please note that in September 2020, several hundreds of NAQ members will need to renew their card since it will have expired. We ask the members to please send in your requests as soon as possible to your community.

You must fill out the renewal form available at the end of this news release, include a color passport-photo and you must ensure that all membership dues have been paid up-to-date to the community.

For members whose communities are non-active, please send your requests directly to the NAQ’s head office.

For the Community Chiefs and the persons responsible for the membership, please ensure you always use the renewal form for all future requests.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

In Peace and Native friendship,

Gérard Coulombe
Président Grand-Chief
Native Alliance of Québec Inc.



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