National Chief – Congress of aboriginal peoples

In the past few weeks, I have been sharing information with our constituents in regards to our National Chief, Mr. Elmer St-Pierre, and the work he has undertaken for the recognition of our rights and the rights of all Aboriginal peoples living off-reserve including the members of the Native Alliance of Québec Inc., as we are an affiliate of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples. Therefore, you will find attached a press release from Mr. St-Pierre in which he denounces the Federal governments’ discriminatory actions towards the Aboriginal people. Be assured that as this file progresses, I will be more than happy to share the information with the Native Alliance of Québec’s members all the while respecting the order of things so as not to hinder the work done by our National Chief, Mr. St-Pierre.

For more information, please do not hesitate to communicate with me at the address below.

In Peace and Native Friendship,

Gérard Coulombe
Président Grand Chef
Alliance Autochtone du Québec Inc.



Press release

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